Molded sinks are created as one piece with the countertops.
The Eloquent Option

Whatever your preferences are for a molded sink, it will look great set in a PolyStone countertop. Might we suggest an integrated PolyStone sink? Ours differs from the competition in that the sink is actually poured into the mold as part of the countertop. This eliminates the seemed stress point that the others have. Our competitors will claim a “seamless” sink, but ours is different because it IS seamless. It is manufactured at our local shop into the countertop piece. At Carolina Custom Countertops in Charlotte, NC, our integrated molded sinks are the ultimate in a smooth-line look, durability, and make cleanup time a breeze. If you still prefer a separate sink, we can of course mold the opening to match your sink, even special shapes and sizes can be accommodated since your countertops are being custom designed, and made to your specifications.


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