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Concrete Countertops Are the Wave of the Future

Why Concrete Counter tops are the Wave of the Future in Charlotte North Carolina

Many people wonder why they would want concrete in their kitchen, bathroom or backyard.  Concrete is often thought of as a material which is used for building walls, floors and sidewalks, but all this has changed for the better with concrete counter tops.

Concrete was originally used by the Roman’s; it allowed them to build vast structures like The Coliseum and St. Peters Basilica.  At the same time, concrete allowed for the ornate patterns and recessed wall pictorials which were so prevalent in ancient Roman architecture. Some of these designs have lasted thousands of years due to the durability of well mixed concrete, while the marble has long since dissolved away due to exposure to the elements.

So why is concrete counter tops a perfect material for use in kitchens, bathrooms and yes the right materials for outdoor instillation's  Award winning kitchen designer Fu-Tung Cheng was one of the first to use concrete in his designs over 25 years ago.  Cheng said, “After 25 years there are virtually no signs of wear or deterioration on the concrete counter tops  The form and function of the counter tops blend together seamlessly.” Cheng continued, “The main reason for this was that using concrete as the finished material allowed for complete freedom in the design and construction process.”

With concrete counter tops, the depth and thickness can be created in the front apron of the counter tops   Unlike granite or marble, which can be from ½ to 1 inch thick slabs, with popular granite veneers as thin as ¼ inch, concrete counter tops can be any  thickness you desire and you can create the illusion of depth with the free flowing nature of this liquid rock to shape most any form you desire.

Nels Hofert of Carolina Custom Counter tops, has been designing and installing the modern concrete counter tops for years. He says, “Because each concrete counter top is custom crafted for its unique environment, design possibilities are limitless.” Nels continued, “ Counter tops can make any size, any shape, any thickness or height, we can make your design live in free forming concrete.”

Practically speaking, adding depth and thickness to the counter top surface allows for interesting patterns in the surface area itself. The design may include the addition of built in drain board reliefs, cutting board indention or even areas for potted plants.

But there is more. With concrete counter tops you can match your unique design and color choice on kitchen counter top design and continue the same design to the bathroom vanity, bench, and table design or even fireplace mantels. This same concept can be brought through to the outdoors area, pool, patio, and barbecue area. Due to the materials’ resilient ability to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. This ages old material allows for customization and creation of unique services once thought as out of range for the average household.

Call Nels Hofert himself for advice at Carolina Custom Counter Tops in Charlotte North Carolina. If you are in the North Carolina area, see firsthand how a concrete counter top or fireplace may be the answer for you. Call 704.258.9544 for more information on concrete counter tops and our full range of counter top, backyard, bathroom and fireplace solutions available. If it is a counter top  we can do it here in North Carolina and the surrounding area!

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